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Management of the Absurd Book Summary

This is one of my most favorite books – about twisted thinking that helps so much to widen perspectives, and increase tolerance for ambiguity. It is available at Amazon here: 1. the opposite of a profound truth is also true 2. nothing is as invisible as the obvious 3. the more important a relationship, the… Continue reading »

John P. Kotter – Leading Change

In this context, John P. Kotter lists the most general lessons to be learned from both (I) the more successful cases and (II) the critical mistakes as follows: I. Lessons from the more successful cases: 1. Establishing a sense of urgency * Examining market and competitive realities * Identifying and discursing crises, potential crises, or… Continue reading »

Review of John Kotter’s “Leading Change”

“Over the past decade,” John P. Kotter writes, “I have watched more than a hundred companies try to remake themselves into significantly better competitors. They have included large organizations (Ford) and small ones (Landmark Communications), companies based in United States (General Motors) and elsewhere (British Airways), corporations that were on their knees (Eastern Airlines), and… Continue reading »

Four Hour Work Week Book Summary ‘personal assistants’ or ‘virtual assistants’ – read client revieww $4 $6.25 – 24/7 Vas with backup/ ymii – personal acct mgr, that routes tasks to most qualified individuals never use a new hire , prohibit small operation vas directing my work to untested freelancers without my written permission rules to minimize damage: never… Continue reading »

Genius Code – Book Notes

Subconscious mind is activated by inquiry qsk questions to draw out answer from vast intelligence – based on own awarenesssocratic way a. Einstein – parallel thinking, deep thought experiment – connect to far regions by asking how something would look like Speaking during image streaming – reinforcing connections to separate far regions of the brain… Continue reading »