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Feng Shui Tips: Garden

Find round fountain for the garden to deflect money loss Realigning furniture, adding plants in appropriate places, and removing sharp edges from planting beds in the garden. Front faces water. Back leans on mountain : The best auspicious Feng Shui The best swimming pool shape is the “bean shape” which the inner side is turn… Continue reading »

Feng Shui Tips: Kitchen

Always balance your kitchen with the five elements principles which are fire, wood, water, metal and earth. For example, oven and stove represent fire element and they should not be too close to fridge or taps which represent water element. More examples of balancing, if you have too little wood element you can put some… Continue reading »

Feng Shui Tips: Bathroom

Feng Shui Tips: Bathroom

Do not use sharp color for the bathroom. Soft color is always better for bathroom. balance all of  the five elements in every room in our home, and the bathroom is no exception find a picture with the colors black, white, green, yellow and red and you will have all of the elements represented toilet… Continue reading »

Feng Shui Tips: Bedroom

It is better to have the same furnish at each side of the bed such as lamp or small cabinet. Pictures in the bedroom should be in pair If possible, have empty space underneath the bed. Wood and other natural elements are always desireable material for your bed. The best bed position is diagonally opposite… Continue reading »

Feng Shui Tips: Office and Wealth

When sitting at the desk you should be able to see the door. But, not in the direct pathway to the door. There should be a solid wall behind you. The best kind of desk goes all the way to the floor so that your feet are not exposed. Sit in a strong, high backed… Continue reading »

Feng Shui Tips: House General

House numbers on the outside of your house should angle slightly upward from beginning to end. It encourages prosperity. Plants should never touch the outside of the house. Wind chimes are good outside the front door. If the first room you enter from the front door is the kitchen, you’ll gain weight while living in… Continue reading »

Feng Shui: Getting Started, Feng Shui Colours

Feng Shui: Getting Started, Feng Shui Colours

You need to look at the basic structure of your home. There are four basic house shapes: square, rectangle, L-shaped and U-shaped. In Western Feng Shui, the goal is to turn the dwelling into a square or rectangle. On a large sheet of paper, draw a sketch of the home you wish to Feng Shui…. Continue reading »

Geng Shui: Kua Number

Add the last two digits of your birth year together – For example, if you were born in 1974, you would add 7+4=11. If the above number has two digits, add those together – Using the above example: 7+4=11 then, 1+1=2. If you are female, add five to the number in step two. If you… Continue reading »